Who is the real Carlos Matos? We start off by answering that question but get distracted by the best Bitconnect Carlos Matos meme Compilation with me adding my reaction and commentary. We Here we go! If you enjoyed this video, make sure to hit that like button and share this video! Also, make sure to subscribe and hit that bell icon so you won’t miss any future videos!

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Credits and timecode:
0:09 Carlos Matos Twitter (Parody) https://twitter.com/CarlosMatos80
0:26 Universal 100th Anniversary (by Swasiland Infidel)
0:48 Keemstar Meme (by grandayy)
1:08 Somebody Toucha My Bitconnect (by Kadz12)
1:17 MGM Lying (by Meetch)
1:28 Bitconnect EDM Remix (by Dylan Locke)
2:29 Bitconnect Laser (by Flater)
2:36 Childish Scambino (by Flater)
3:06 Bitconect Remix (by The CryptoSyndicate)
3:41 Bitconnect Michael Jackson (by Legend-Kills)
4:29 Bitcoin Movie Trailer (by KYAKPLAYS)
6:27 What is Love (by potatorecipe)
6:41 Bitconnect Scam (by Neo)
6:54 Spiderman Meme (by Dylan Locke)
7:31 Bitconnect Seagul (by DatBoi MV)
7:56 More Memes (by Pomme de Terre)

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