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Wealth Generators Crypto Mining

👉 http://getpaid.mywealthgenerators.biz/

(Click GET STARTED to sign up. Choose your country, and then select CRYPTO ($99). Once logged in, Click My Products and choose CRYPTO to buy a mining package. Add the $50 Distributor if you would like to be a rep.)

Discover the Benefits of CRYPTO.
Contracts for crypto currency mining equipment are now available to customers of CRYPTO. These unique mining packs provide hardware, installation, firmware maintenance, and energy costs.

Our equipment is top quality, therefore, the CRYPTO contracts provide some of the most competitive hashing rates in the industry. In other words, the equipment performs extremely efficiently and provides a high level of daily output. The equipment mining specs for CRYPTO either AMD RX GPUs or Nvidia P106/1060 GPUs.

Product Details:

CRYPTO contracts provide hardware, installation, firmware maintenance, and energy costs.
After the contracts are executed, mining will begin within 10 business days.
The coin payouts will be delivered in Ethereum directly to your personal digital wallet (wallet must accept Ethereum).
The mining equipment specs for CRYPTO are either AMD RX GPUs or Nvidia P106/1060 GPUs.
Wealth Generators’ mining equipment is located in Romania and Iceland.

CRYPTO uses an algorithm to determine the most cost efficient cryptocurrencies to mine. This algorithm helps ensure the mining equipment is used efficiently.


– the best Coins being mined, and pays to your Ethereum wallet every single day for 1200 days, Rock solid management, Complete Rebrand to the market coming in March 2018 called KUVERA, and the list goes on and on…

– How many reps?
– Around 15,000 right now.

– How long has this company been publicly traded?
– 5 years! Complete transparency required as they have share holders based in USA. A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

– How many contracts sold?
– Around 1,500 since we just launched Crypto in DEC. True ground floor.

– Is the mining pooled?
– No, we own our own mining backed by a 300 Million dollar a month mining operation.

– Who is our Mining Company?
– Westmyn mining is who does all our mining. They are the #4 largest mining company in the world right now.

– Who is running this company?
– The owners have an extensive successful financial and NM background. They have over 40 years of experience in finance they are bringing to the table.

– How much is it to get started?
– Customers – $99 for your Crypto mining license. Then whatever Crypto mining package you choose.

– Reps/Affilates – $99 (Crypto) plus the $50 fee to tap into the compensation plan plus whatever mining pack you choose.

– What is the difference between the mining packs?
– The higher the pack the faster the hash rate, the faster the hash rate the bigger the returns.

– How many mining packs can I purchase?
– Unlimited.

– Is there an autoship?
– Customers – No.
– Reps – Yes. We have the Crypto One Trading Platform and Bot launching soon. With 3 personally enrolled members (reps and customers count) and 400 BV your autoship is FREE.

👉 http://getpaid.mywealthgenerators.biz/

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