Today in Bitcoin News Podcast (2017-11-14) – China Mining Ban? Hot Tweets & Question Answer Time

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$6,542.75USD / BTC | Winkdex

Bottom in Place? Bitcoin’s Price Needs to Consolidate – CoinDesk

China Bitcoin Crackdown to Extend to Low-Cost Mining Ban: Report

Chinese Power Provider Denies Bitcoin Mining Ban – CoinDesk

Russell Rukin on Twitter: “@johnnny_b_good @derose @rogerkver @fluffypony @ToneVays @jimmysong @miketwenty1 @RandyJMitchell @devnullius @SatoshiLite @RichardHeartWin @leoncfu @MadBitcoins @crypt0snews Are these blocks for ants?..”

Mad Bitcoins [NO2X] on Twitter: “Every time I come back from VR it’s like I’m back from another place. Played Star Trek again. Killed several times. Challenging game.”

Pirate Beachbum on Twitter: “Check out this interview I did with Leonardo De Barros who runs @Bitcoinzuela Read a first hand account of what the #bitcoin market is like…”

Adam Back on Twitter: “@VinnyLingham @Technom4ge bitcoin is *NOT* defined by the longest chain, nor the most work chain. if that were the case, it would have flip flopped definition to BCH,…”

Tuur Demeester on Twitter: “First MtGox employee: Karpeles kept 430,000 BTC in hot wallet. No backup plan: if Mark died, all bitcoins were lost.”

Tuur Demeester on Twitter: “”Mark only had one bank account, shared with Mt.Gox’s customer deposits”. … When asked by employees how Gox spent more money than it made…”

John Carvalho on Twitter: “NEW EPISODE 👾 Bit by Bit, Episode 2: Big Block Bonanza! 👾 with @unclemusclez & @BitcoinErrorLog!!! #bitcoin…”

WorldCryptoNet[NO2X] on Twitter: “Adam Meister, the Bitcoin Meister is now part of the @WorldCryptoNet family. Adam’s daily YouTube show will now be available on the WCN iTun…”

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