Today in Bitcoin (2018-03-14) – Google Bans Crypto Advertising – Mainstream Media Endless FUD

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Google Bans Bitcoin Advertisements in Policy Change – The New York Times

Bitcoin bubble ‘just about to burst,’ major money manager says

Square’s Merchants Are Willing to Accept Bitcoin, Survey Says – Bloomberg

Bitcoin Sinks Toward $8K and Faces Further Sell-Off – CoinDesk

Alistair Milne on Twitter: “Has there ever been another asset – owned by millions globally – that the media & ‘experts’ have spent so much time & energy trying to devalue? Or is it only Bitcoin? ”

Pirate Beachbum on Twitter: “The FUD we face everyday in crytpo is normal. The fact that central banks, governments and wall street are talking about it positively or negatively is a great signal for the future. No one said moving toward mainstream adoption would be easy! 🚀”

Andy Hoffman (#HODLBTC) on Twitter: “Yet another 100% non-event purposely interpreted as “bad news” by the blindingly anti-#Bitcoin MSM. It wou9d be like saying the stock mkt goes up because Google allows mutual fund ads.”

Francis Pouliot on Twitter: “What about Ethereum Did people somehow forget that Ethereum was an ICO, and that when it was sold to the public there wasn’t even a token and it was simply an IOU by a centralized issuer promising to credit the IOU for their issued coin?…”

Bitcoin White Blood Cell on Twitter: “Bitcoiners are the Mixed Martial Artists of the world. They’re cross-trained in mathematics, economics, law, computer science, cryptography, game theory, history, and anthropology. They put it together in a cohesive package that befuddles and confuses the specialists.”

Marcus Aurelius on Twitter: “Why does he smile when misfortune strikes? He knows it is an opportunity to cultivate virtue. Death, loss, decline. These things come for us all. Facing pain is how we make ready. Adversity sharpens the blade of will. Greet the test gladly. Endure.”

TheDesignFlaw on Twitter: “Great time with some great people. The best kept secret in the world is that the beating heart of bitcoin is made up largely of some of the most generous and principled people you’ll ever meet.…”

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