The Bitcoin Crash Is Over!: JP Morgan’s ‘Bitcoin Bible’, A CNBC Bull, & Bitcoin ‘Obituaries’

Hey Everyone! In today’s video I explain why I think the crypto / bitcoin crash is over! You will notice that I do not mention any technical analysis because I believe the crypto market is based on psychology and emotion more than it is analytical. Would love to hear your thoughts because this is clearly subjective – but my general take is all of the ‘bad news’ is winding down which is neutralizing sentiment – and in the coming weeks neutral sentiment will begin to turn positive – and increased buying will begin to take place. Hope you enjoy and would love to hear your feedback! Article/Video links below…

JP Morgan’s ‘Bitcoin Bible’:
SEC/CFTC Senate Hearing:
CNBC Bull Perspective:
Bitcoin Obituaries:

(This is not financial advice and I am not a financial advisor!)

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