Salon News Site Crypto Mining Scam – Should you be Worried? Learn More HERE…


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Salon News Site Crypto Mining Scam – Should you be Worried? Learn More HERE…


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Hello My Name is Jevon Putnam! Welcome To Crypto Wealth 247!! Today’s news bit on how this Salon News Site could be another Crypto Mining Scam. Should you be Worried?

Well it would seem that those who visit Salon News may be Mining Crypto using your computer, but what kind of Crypto Mining? Yep you guessed it…Monero! Lol go Figure..

Recent News update Warning people about how Salon News may be mining Monero with you computer thus is the condition if you want to view their ads.

With that Said…

If You want to learn more about these recent developments Salon News Site Crypto Mining Scam and if you Should be Worried or not then please watch my latest news cast if you have not yet done so.

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