Quick Charts Bitcoin Price Prediction April 17 – 3 Bulls Vs 3 Bears & New Argument for Bulls

Hi Guys! Today is April 17 and I’ll be bringing you another Quick Charts report with 3 Bulls and 3 Bears with new evidence for Bull scenario.

We do our best to stay neutral and bring both sides, so if I find any great evidence for Bulls or Bears I will present it.

To see the report please visit:

And a recap what Quick Charts is… Quick Charts brings you many top analysts bitcoin price predictions all in one page to save you time from many hours of research.

Now you can quickly compare top analysts price predictions in one page so you can get an idea of where the market could be heading so you don’t miss out on the next major price move.

Today as usual we are recapping the analysts from yesterday April 16 and will be going over new updates including a new analysts who provides a case for the bulls using Elliot Wave theory, but rare data the most analysts are not using. When i found this yesterday, I was fascinated. Having as many angles as possible is important for balanced analysis.

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Here is the link for the Quick Charts Demo Video:

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