ModChat 034 – PS3Xploit 4.82, PS4 PKG Installs on 5.01, Webpage Cryptomining w/ kiwidog

On this episode of ModChat, we’re joined by our guest kiwidog who has been a friend of the show for some time now! kiwidog has been spending a good amount of his free time reverse engineering the PlayStation 4 and can hopefully provide some more insight and clarification on some of the new updates coming out from the modding scene in regards to some of the modding news we tackle on this episode! On top of tackling some PS4 news, we also look into the new announcements and releases from team PS3Xploit in regards to new development on the 4.81 PS3 firmware. In short – there might soon be software only downgraders for the PS3, no longer requiring a hardmod to downgrade and modify the console! As a side topic as well, we also discuss the rise in websites using cryptominers in place of advertisements and what our thoughts are on the matter.


Co-Host: Paranoid Coder

Guest: kiwidog


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