Lil Pump – Scam Gang ft. Bitconnect Carlos from New York

Carlos love do ten thousands and fucks everybody! Cost me 6 hours editing so you can imagine how much I’d appreciate this being liked or shared 🙂

(Ooh) yuh (Bi-Bighead on the beat) brr
Nono gang
Nonono gang
That’s gang
a gang
scam gang (3x)
Spend ten racks on BITCONNEEEEEEEE
My Matos love do ten thousand/s
I fuck everybody YEEEEA
I can’t buy me no water- NOOH!
Rather go and buy Balmains YEEEEA
This is real.. real (gang)
scam gang (2x)
real gang
scam gang
real gang
scam gang
Spend ten racks on THE WORLD
My bitch love do BLOCKCHAIN (ooh)
I can’t buy no BITCOINS (nope)
real gang
real gang
What am I gonna do?
Kids, stay in school, don’t do drugs, do BITCONNEEECT

Was also busy with tweaking / fine tuning afterwards (rewatching parts dozens of times and arranging the individual clips exactly in time up to the millisecond). Still slightly unconfident with the “Bitcoins” timing at 0:28, but it didn’t sound better, no matter how I positioned the clip. Edited/cut and rendered using Kdenlive’s AppImage on Linux (Kubuntu 17.10). If you want to edit this, write a comment and I will send the project file.

Sources (YouTube video IDs):
I just chose x2BzevUyqhI as instrumental (also tested others: sYlZXAo1FDc is almost the same while X4MPeJRsdhc doesn’t have the piano sounds)
Bitconnect conference: -9zLMylKEQM
Lil Pump – Gucci Gang: 4LfJnj66HVQ
Carlos Matos “the world”: rifvSv-QY_M
Text writing (idea) and subtitles: Nico (myself) in inspiration of other Bitconnect Gang videos
PornHub comment at the end: found by coincidence
Lil Pump Instagram Live “Kids, stay in school, don’t do drugs”: 05uxrTls-tY

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