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Hashgains Review 2018

HashGains expects $30 Million ICO proceeds would
help company build state of art Cloud mining data
centre which will help it create its own mining pool
and generate the hash rates of 100 Peta Hash per
second or (100 PH/s) which will establish itself among
top 10 bitcoin mining pools top 5 miners in world.
Hashgains which has a customer base of around
10,000 customers would top 100,000 customers by
end of 2018 for which cloud mining capacity creation
must happen beforehand. Hashgains expects to generate
revenues of around $50 million in its first full
year of operations thus boosting the price of its token.


Founded in 2016, HashGains is the leading cryptocurrency cloud mining platform in the market. The
company started commissioning work of its data center in October 2016. Post that, the cloud mining
data center was established in February 2017. HashGains went live in the month of July 2017. The
company’s initial hash rate was 2 TH/s on X11 and 1.5 PH/s on the SHA-256 algorithm. Then, in
September 2017, HashGains acquired around 10,000 customers and enhanced its data center
capacity to 2.5 GHS/s on ETHASH, 3 TH/s on X11, and 2.5 PH/s ON SHA-256. In the month of
November and December 2017, HashGains attained the 10,000 customers mark.

Learn more about HashGains at – https://www.hashgains.com/ico
Access YouTube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/hashgains
Access HashGains whitepaper at – https://www.hashgains.com/ico/documents/hashgain-token-whitepaper.pdf
Find HashGains on Medium at – https://medium.com/@hashgains
HashGains Slack Channel : https://hashgainsico.slack.com/
Telegram Channel : https://t.me/hashgains

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