Gainbitcoin Etherium Mining Contract In Hindi

As many know that Gainbitcoin’s MVP L1 meet was last week in Dubai.

Following has been the highlight of the Meeting

1. The MCAP-ETH Contracts returns has been revised. As now many who had purchased ethereum contracts can see in the outputs. The ethereum outputs are much better now.

2. Gainbitcoin has been constantly improving the system and user experience.

3. The support system is now even better in resolving Tickets and is available Mon- Fri between 10 am – 7 pm IST to resolve your queries.

4. Payouts are also streamlined and any withdrawal request within working hours are processed shortly after receiving the requests.

5. The MCAP circulating supply, Marketcap and rank is now updated and visible on Coinmarketcap.

ETH CONTRACT – Why you should purchase it.

The returns for ETH contracts have been updated and is better than any competitor out there.
The Contracts are LIFETIME contracts, there is no limit on the number of months you will receive output, Instead as long as the returns will be higher than the electricity and maintenance fees, you will keep getting the outputs.

The minimum contract 125 MHs is for 1875 MCAPs.
Daily Ethereum returns is 0.165 ETH
Monthly return is 4.95 ETH equivalent to 1485$

1875 MCAPs at 3.25 $ rate is 6000$
Total Investment is 6000$
Monthly return in Ethereum is 1485$
Recovery of Principal amount in 2.8 months
Free Lifetime ethereum onwards


Note: Ethereum contracts are for limited period time. The total amount of Ethereum Contracts is worth 50 Million MCAPs. The sole purpose of these contracts is to regain all the MCAPs in the market back to the company, Only 38 Million Mcaps are currently in circulation and 62 Million MCAPs are with the company. As the circulating supply dries out the Mcap prise will rise even higher.
The strategy is working as you can see the MCAPs are all getting purchased to buy in Ethereum contracts. All the veterans who have earned from GBC are buying in the highest contract possible.
Please make sure you do not miss this opportunity.

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