Explained: What is Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Mining – is it still profitable?

What is Bitcoin and Crypto mining? Tiz Gambacorta from 8020 Research interviews one of the leading UK experts on Bitcoin and Crypto Mining. He explains what mining is and answers the question “ Is Bitcoin and Crypto mining still profitable?”.



Tiz managed a $750m derivatives portfolio by age 22 as an FCA-regulated trader. After being promoted the youngest Vice President in the trading division of Barclays Bank headquarters in London UK, he realized there was more to life than working for “the man”.

He went on to build, scale and sell five separate, six-figure a year digital publishing and education businesses. He then merged his passion for finance and for the internet by co-founding 8020Research.com – the No 1 publishing house dedicated to helping people live the life they dream, desire and deserve by leveraging the Internet.

The income generated from these online businesses allowed him to buy and sell five properties in the UK, drive some of the nicest cars, and get on some of the most incredible adventures in the world such as the TransSiberian Railway, drinking vodka with the country’s top trader and his family on 3 separate trips to Mongolia, drinking Steins of beer in Oktoberfest, Germany with the locals for 3 years in a row, partying with (mostly) Australians at the Run of the Bulls (Spain) on 3 separate years, and the list could go on.
“Formal education will make you a living, self education will make you a fortune”

After investing $150,000 into his own trading education and self-improvement, he became financially free by the age of 35 and is now on a mission to help 100,000 average people take back control of growing and protecting their wealth by December 31st, 2020 as the government, employers or the system certainly won’t.

“Pay for mentors or pay for mistakes, your choice”

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