Day 14 of 299 on BitConnect – My First Reinvestment!

If you would like to start using BitConnect (BCC), join using the following link:

If you have not created a cryptocurrency wallet, join Coinbase and start buying and selling Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin using the link below:

In todays installment I will show you guys my first reinvestment of the interest payments received thus far, and discuss how the price of Bitcoin (BTC) surpassed $19k! I will also be discussing the difference between lending on BitConnect and holding onto Bitcoin.

I did my research on the BitConnect (BCC) cryptocurrency platform and now its time to test out this cryptocurrency platform. I will be starting out with a loan of $100 to starting gaining a daily residual income stream of interest payments and see what all of the hype is really about.

To get started, I had to purchase approximately $100 in Bitcoin (BTC) via Coinbase, then transfer that over to BitConnect. I then exchanged my Bitcoin (BTC) for BitConnect coins (BCC) and initiated my first loan.

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