CryptoLifestyle the NEXT Bitconnect Scam from Greg Perdriel

The CryptoLifestyle MLM program is being promoted by none other than Ponzi Scheme Kingpin, Gregory Perdriel. Greg Perdriel has been involved with the Wakeup Now scam, the Disrupt scam, Cash Gifting scam, My Money Fish scam, Surfer Dude Hits Traffic scam, MCA TVC Matrix ponzi scheme, Bitconnect and Davor coin alongside his good scamming partners Trevon James and Craig Grant whom are now part of an ever growing class action lawsuit and possible criminal investigation. Gregory Perdriel has teamed up throughout his criminal scamming career with the likes of Eric SEEMORE GREEN Turner. he Cryptolifestyle 3T Network Traffic Light Trading SCAM. This latest scam brought to you by Gregory Perdriel is rehashed Wakeup Now travel scam material and the UTI Tech ponzi scheme. 3T Networks doesn’t appear to have any retailable products or services.

The only thing one can purchase on the 3T Networks website is affiliate membership.

3T Networks affiliate membership provides access to Traffic Light Trading signals, ICO reports, a mining contract, “Living Book”, 3T Coins (appears to be another cryptocurrency), “3T Incentive Points (no explanation provided) and a Travel Certificate .3T Networks claim to pay retail commissions, however the majority of the compensation plan is geared towards direct and indirect recruitment of new affiliates.Sounds like another Ponzi Scam that Greg Perdriel loves to promote. Securities offered to US residents are regulated by the SEC.

A search of the SEC’s Edgar database however reveals neither 3T Networks or Daniel Schwartz are registered to offer securities in the US.

This means as far as the offering of securities goes, 3T Networks are operating illegally in the US.

That’s on top of potential pyramid recruitment, as I really can’t see anyone signing up for 3T Networks as a retail customer (how much this even costs is not disclosed on the 3T Networks website, only the affiliate packages are provided). 3T Networks has an address in the United States listed as 401 Ryland St #200a Reno, NV 89502 which is a UPS store address,

Be it directly through 3T Coin and mining packages or indirectly by pooling invested funds into external investment opportunities, 3T Networks is a minefield of securities violations.

As we’ve seen with USI-Tech, BitConnect and most recently R2B Coin, where the owners of a company are hiding out doesn’t matter.

US regulators are now targeting MLM cryptocurrency companies offering unregistered securities to US residents, which doesn’t end well for investors.

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