Crypto News Mar 13th, 2018 (Binance Chain, Genesis Mining, BitGrail)

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Binance Chain!

What’s a Security? Genesis Mining is!
1) investment of money, 2) in a common enterprise, 3) let to expect profits, 4) solely from the effort of others


BitGrail coming back

Coincheck hack refund complete

JP Houbi partnership canceled

Japanese SBI Group Cancels Partnership with Huobi Crypto Exchange

Coinbase tax calc


Electroneum on Kucoin

Electroneum on Kucoin! from Electroneum


Ripple invests in startups using XRP
Ripple wants to invest in startups that will put its XRP cryptocurrency to work

VeChain / LogSafer partner

VeChain: Partnership with supply chain risk management platform Logsafer from CryptoCurrency

VeChain wine partners

Tron / Bitguild


Cambodia conflicted

Tennessee law

New Laws in US state of Tennessee to legalize blockchain but hinder Crypto investment

China standard chain

JP wants crypto regulation at G20

Japan Urges G20 Officials to Introduce Unified Crypto Regulation

EU: Mining can’t be banned due to energy

First presidential election on the blockchain
The world’s first blockchain-powered elections just happened in Sierra Leone



Artbit launching

Mac app tries freemium via crypto mining


DADI leaks

Warning: If you have signed up to the DADI ICO, your information has been leaked by the team to hackers and phishers, who are currently exploiting this data for phishing scams. THE DADI team is trying their best to cover up any trace of this happening. from CryptoCurrency

Wall Street is investing all over crypto

Volume 2 Issue 10


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