Quarterly Payouts in Ethereum for as long as you hold Veritium, forever.

60% of net revenues paid out to Veritium Token holders.

1. Crypto-Mining. (Mining for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ubiq, Ethereum, Zcash, Monero, Litecoin)

May change according to highest profitability. This is highly profitable due our extremely cheap electricity cost.
(Our Cost is US$0.035 per kWh)

USA electrical cost is US$0.08 to US$0.17 per kWh
China is US$0.04 to US$0.045 per kWh
Singapore for comparison is US$0.20 per kWh
Malaysia is US$0.13 per kWh.

And we new Eco-Friendly & Renewable Energy.
Future Proofing Crypto-Mining. (:

2. Vidulum, Our wallet with exchange API. Will be charging users 0.5% for exchanges and withdrawals.

3. Ponos-Mining GUI & Mining Pool, Downloadable program that will allow anyone to start mining with their PCs.

We will be making it easy, fun and educational.

We would then take 5% from all cryptocurrencies mined using our platform as our fees.

Our platform will be creating our own mining poo. If done right, it could be one of the biggest mining pools.

Our ultimate goal for our token is to make it fungible.

And as our mines grow in size and value, with our Wallet Exchange and Mining GUI/Pool growing in usage, we believe that our token would also appreciate in value as the dividends increases and is not diluted due to our token being not mine-able and having a fixed supply of it circulating in the market, hopefully allowing our token to used as a bond or asset of some kind that is fungible.

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