Bitconnect Full Tutorial In Hindi. बिटकनेक्ट फुल टुटोरियल. Genesis Mining Daily Payout

This is a Full Tutorial on Bitconnect in Hindi.

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On bitconnect we can earn daily interest by lending bitconnect coins.
The bot automatically buys bitconnect coins when its price is low and sells the coins when the price is high. This way we earn daily interest on bitconnect depending on the amount we lend. We also get the initial amount or the capital back after specific days depending on the amount we invest. The higher the amount we lend the higher the daily interest percentage we receive. The minimum amount we can len is 100$ worth of BCC (Bitconnect Coins). Lending on bitconnect is more profitable than holding money in a local bank.

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Videos on bitconnect :
1)How to start earning daily –…

2)Bitconnect Profit calculator –…

3)Bitconnect in Hindi –…

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