Bitconnect A Scam? Proof Of Payment Full Tutorial. Genesis Mining Profit Calculator

I’ve been exploring this investment and approaching it with caution as it has many characteristics of a Ponzi scheme. However, Ponzi schemes are profitable as long as you aren’t the last one in. I’ve been utilizing a strategy that reduces my risk and maximizes the possibility of making a large return on my investment. This video is proof of withdrawal capabilities from Bitconnect.

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Check me out at Patreon to support Becoming Superfly:


Check me out at Patreon to support Becoming Superfly:

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Investing ideas?

Coinbase (Use this link for $10 of Bitcoin free):

Bitconnect (see my other videos, I return half of any referral fees):

Regal Coin (Latest Ponzi Scheme, let’s beat them together): (Use this site to track all your assets and liabilities)

Wealthfront (Get an extra $5k managed for free with this link):

Lending Club (You get $75 free using this link):

Genesis-Mining: Mine your own coins at Genesis Mining for 3% off: using referral code: 4M0anS for 3% off your contract. (Yes, I will return the favor when I earn).

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