Bitcoin Vs Bitcoin Cash Investor Rambling

This episode is more of a ramble on my opinions of bitcoin and bitcoin cash currently. I cover my opinion on lightning network, segwit, block size, on chain and off chain solutions, and more.

Let’s Invest is a focus investing show that talks about new fintech and decentralized currency and service investing. We have videos on bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, monero, Dash, Decred, Ethereum, NEM/ XEM, PIVX, Zcash, Iconomi, steem, Ethereum Classic, tether, and many other decentralized applications and cryptocurrencies. Let’s Invest is not offering financial advice, only his opinion. Cryptocurrency investing is risky and it is your responsibility how you handle your money.

-I’ll probably redo this episode at some point, I think it was a little disorganized. Not very Let’s Investy


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