Bitcoin Over $9,000 & Litecoin Surges 35% – Feb 14th Crypto News

Happy Valentines crypto fans. Well Bitcoin climbed past $9,200 today. So when do you think it will hit $10,000 again. Ether remains over $890 and Bitcoin Cash is over $1,300. Litecoin surged more than 35% over the past 24 hours and we saw it move past $200. It hit a record high on December 19th when it climbed past $371.

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has disabled adding new credit cards as a payment method for US customers, but this does not affect debit card.

Bit Bay one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in Poland has been placed on the Polish Supervision authorityā€™s list of public warnings.

The US Olympic Luge team is the very first Olympic group to set up its own Bitcoin wallet to accept donations.

Paxful, which is a peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace, has used its funds to build a school for young students in Rwanda.

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