Bitcoin hits $19,000 Bitconnect Day 46, $970 invested, $1,281 made, 0.19% Interest day, 12/7/2017

Join Bitconnect Here!!! Its Free to Join. SIgn up Today with the Referral link and Get back a full 5% of your first loan amount in bitcoin, i’ll cover the fees.

Message me here with your Bitcoin Wallet address after you make your first Bitconnect loan, or email me at with your bitcoin wallet address and 5% of your first loan amount will deposited to your account the asap.

Hit that subscribe button, and use the link above in bitconnect to signup.

Heres the quick version tutorial on how to use bitconnect, how to sign up, where to buy bitcoin, and I give my thoughts on if it is a pyramid scheme.

Don’t want to watch the whole Video look below.

How to Get started with BitConnect and buy Bitcoins.

1. Sign up on and buy Bitcoin there
2. Sign up on, verfiy both accounts
3. Transfer bitcoin to bitconnect wallet. 7:00 mins.
4. Go to BCC Exchange at Bitconnect, Buy BCC with your Bitcoin. 12:00 mins
5. Go to DashBoard, lend a minimum of $100 dollars. 13:00 mins
6. Optional Setup up an alternate wallet at
7. Thats it, wait for your interest payments Daily

You can invest BitConnect coin in Bitconnect lending platform exclusively from the BitConnect Dashboard. This investment option involves profiting from Bitconnect trading bot and volatility software. You will receive daily profit based on your investment option. Upon investment term completion, you will receive your CAPITAL BACK to take out from the Bitconnect lending platform or optionally reinvest back in lending platform to continue receiving daily profit. Join my bitconnect team and start earning daily profit!

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